What to Expect

In Preparation For Your Flight:

  1. Check the driving instructions for how to arrive at the landing zone on time.

  2. Have a light snack for breakfast as it is better to NOT have a full stomach for 1st time aviation.

  3. Wear warm clothes appropriate for morning temperatures and close toed shoes,

The Flight:

  1. The Drive to launch is approximately 50 minutes of scenic dirt roads that ascend cow ridge.

  2. When on launch Instructors will debrief safety precautions and inform students on the "How To's" for launching and flyimg a Tandem paraglider.

  3. Flight times will vary depending on the conditions. Expect airtime to vary between 10 - 20 minutes!

  4. Each flight will conclude by landing in the designated landing zone which is located by the parking area for student vehicles.

  5. Safely exit the High Lonesome Ranch prperty or book an activity for the afternoon!