About Us

LUKAS HILL (Owner & Tandem Instructor)

I am a Colorado native and have been flying paragliders in the local area for 7 years. Ever since childhood, I dreamed of touching the clouds and paragliding enabled this dream to come to fruition. My flying experience consists of all different types of flying on every type of wing available; mountain and flatland thermal cross country, high wind ridge soaring, maneuver training and of course tandem paragliding. I really enjoy all of the disciplines this sport has to offer. Lastly, as a tandem pilot I utilize the faculties developed in my full-time job as an 8th grade Science teacher to ensure a safe, educational, and enjoyable flight for ALL of my passengers. Let’s go fly!

BRIAN GREESON (Tandem Instructor)

Born into an aviation family and a 3rd generation pilot, I have been flying something my entire life. I have experience flying in many types of aircraft, from antique military planes to hot air balloons, and flying paragliders for the last eight years. Paragliding is my most favorite form of aviation. Nothing else comes closer to experiencing the sky as the birds do. I look forward to sharing the joy and pure freedom that only paragliding can offer.